Matteo Mauriello was born in Naples in 1985. He graduated from the National Academy of Dramatic Arts “Silvio D’Amico” in Rome held by Gabriele Lavia in 2013.


At the Academy he had the opportunity to meet and train with important masters such as Michele Monetta, Peter Clough (Guildhall School of Music and Drama), Antonio Sinagra, Pierpaolo Sepe, Giorgio B. Corsetti, Antonio Late Fabrizio Gifuni, Max Farau, Alessandro Fabrizi, Jeffrey Crockett (UCLA), Francesco Manetti, Luciano Colavero, Massimiliano Civica, Ugo Chiti, Roberto Romei, Giuseppe Piccioni, Sergio Rubini, Gabriele Lavia and Luca Ronconi.


He made his debut as actor in Raffaele Viviani “Eden Teatro” (2002), directed by Roberto De Simone in Naples. He devoted himself to the singing as well and started a long professional relationship with the Maestro De Simone. As a result, he took part to several international events, such as concerts at the Auditorium RAI in Naples (2011), and festivals. Just to name a few, he participated to Gaetano Donizetti “Don Pasquale” (2008) at the Teatro San Carlo opera house; Igor Stravinskij “Histoire du soldat” (2007) at the “Settembre al borgo” festival; “La funzione del centenario” (2012) at the “Festa di Piedigrotta” with the Italian Army Band.


Since 2004, he has sung as a baritone in Giovanni Mauriello (Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare) music ensemble taking part to numerous festivals either in Italy and in France, Albania, Greece, Romania and in Ethiopia under the patronage of the Italian Cultural Embassy.


In 2006, together with his father, he co-starred in the brilliant play “Pulcinella e compagnia bella”, written by Paola Ossorio, directed by Lorenzo Salveti, performed in Rome.

In 2007 he played Luigino Cimmaruta in “Le voci di dentro” with Luca De Filippo, directed by Francesco Rosi. The show made his debut in Rome at the Teatro Argentina and was on tour for two years in the main permanent theatres in Italy.


In 2009 Matteo Mauriello starred as actor and singer in “Novecento Napoletano”, a musical on the Golden Age of the Neapolitan music, directed by Bruno Garofalo. The show, that had been a great success in its first edition in Italy and mainly worldwide, confirmed to be a hit in the new version featuring Gennaro Cannavacciuolo and Rosaria De Cicco.


The intense collaboration with the actress Rosaria De Cicco gave Matteo the chance to co-star in “Affari illegali di famiglia” (2009), written and directed by Emanuela Giordano, debuting in Rome.


In 2010, he starred in Antonio Skàrmeta “Dieciocho kilates”, directed by Giovanni Scacchetti, performing at the Teatro Mercadante for the Napoli Teatro Festival Italia.


He worked with some of the most qualified directors of the Italian scene such as Ugo Gregoretti, Gabriele Lavia, Enrico M. Lamanna, Massimiliano Farau, Massimo Andrei, Francesco Suriano and Angela Campanelli.


In 2014, Matteo Mauriello took part in Franz Kafka “Amerika”, directed and adapted for the stage by Maurizio Scaparro and F. Malcovati, in the Napoli Teatro Festival Italia and then performing on an Italian tour debuting at the Piccolo Eliseo theatre in Rome.


Other than that, in 2014, Matteo Mauriello joined the youth project “From Pinocchio”, directed by the young and promising Emiliano Russo, winning two awards at the Setkàni Encounter Festival in Brno (CZE) as Best Show/European project and Best Director. The show was welcomed as a success among critics and audiences at the “For your chance” festival in Moscow.


In 2015 Matteo Mauriello joined the Napoli Fringe Festival, starring in “Derecho”, a monologue about Diego Armando Maradona’s right foot, arousing much curiosity among critics and audiences.


In the same year, he performed in Arthur Miller “A Wiev from the Bridge”, with Sebastiano Somma,

directed by Enrico Maria Lamanna.


Matteo Mauriello performed as protagonist in his latest two performances, “Cammurriata 2.0 - Storie e canzoni di una paura inesistente” and “Il grande Circo degli Incornati”, both written and directed by the young and promising Davide Sacco.

Repeat performances coming soon.

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